10 Questions With: Archie Berrow

10 Questions With: Archie Berrow

10 Questions with Archie Berrow, co-founder of Berrow Projects, bespoke luxury homes experts based in Mallorca.

What does breakfast look like?

I typically start my day early, 05:00-06:00 to get the bulk of my work done before the day gets too noisy, so Breakfast is on the go. I’m more of a fan of a long lunch, especially in this heat!

What projects have you been working on recently?

Mon Cor is our current house which is available for an off plan sale and will be completed in time for use in Summer 2023.

We have recently finished the Canoneta townhouse, which is a project we’ve been working on for the past two years. We also completed the conversion of a 5* boutique hotel back into a family home. Currently construction focus is on Casa Mares, a really exciting and lovely project that has already sold. This week we are also moving into our new office that we have renovated over the past 1 year.
Further down the line we have a pipeline of townhouses, fincas and also we are making some initial moves to push into low impact environmentally friendly projects which is a new and exciting challenge to everyone in the team.

What are you professionally most proud of?

I am beyond proud of the extended team we have built and continue to grow. From suppliers, contractors, designers, architects, marketers and our dedicated office team, it really is inspiring to work among people who share the same passions and are committed to joint long term ambitions. To move to an island and be welcomed into the local community both personally and professionally is very rewarding.

Describe your perfect 24 hours in Mallorca.

Tough question, but you can’t beat being out on the water and exploring the beautiful coastline by boat, particularly to the north of Puerto de Soller. So I guess it needs to look like …. A game of Tennis at Soller Tennis club, Lunch at Patiki beach then out on a boat until Sunset!

What quality do you admire in others?

I find individuals who are passionate to be very engaging and I respect it a lot, regardless of the field, it’s a very wonderful trait to be passionate. I can sit and learn from passionate people being engaged regardless of their field. Never taking no for an answer and challenging the status quo is another great trait. You can’t underestimate persistence, so it’s empowering to meet someone who really believes in their own idea.

What are your culture must-haves?

I love to experience new cultures, whether that’s through design, architecture, entrepreneurship or travel. I light up when I see the innovation of old cultures being used in a new modern or different way. I also like to see people being carefree in their mediums, I think that is where really interesting cultures can be created and adapted. Possessing or experiencing culture is beautiful but to actually be a part of creating something — that’s what I find most interesting.

Best way to spend a free hour?

I like to step back and find somewhere quiet, maybe up at an Olivar in Fornalutx.

When you travel, what three items are essentials?

Phone, Music, notepad. With that I can scribble away for days.

Favourite book?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s an essential narrative for the importance of both passion and entrepreneurship, and it shines a light on the internal conflicts that entrepreneurs face in the race to achieve ‘success’ and what is a ‘success.’