Design: Detail obsessed

Design: Detail obsessed

Founded by Sam de Ridder, Studio Go is an Ibiza-based boutique design studio that works hand in hand with clients from inception right through to completion, showing unmatched attention to detail along the way. With over two decades of experience, Sam is able to combine distinctive style with practical architectural realism, as visible in one of his latest projects, Mare N, which he discusses here. 

What was the brief for Mare N?

Our client, developer Jef Muylaert, basically gave us carte blanche to develop a new, unique design concept for his beachfront property.

It quickly became clear that we both wanted the same thing: something clearly Mediterranean but not in the typical, ubiquitous, shabby chic style as can be found everywhere on Ibiza. Our intention was to create an understated, subtle design tailored for a sophisticated clientele, which appreciates a minimalistic and refined interpretation of modern Mediterranean living.

How would you describe the outcome?

We believe it is best described as a seafront pied-à-terre with subtle loft ambitions. Thanks to the open plan, we created one large flowing space where everything is intertwined, with see-through vistas created throughout. It strikes a perfect balance between the Northern Scandi style (or do we need to say Japandi nowadays?) and a cosy, laid-back Ibiza pad gazing out toward the sea.

What were the main challenges?

For this project, the challenge was making the space feel as open and grand as possible. It really pushed us to the limit from a design perspective, as we had to design every detail down to the millimetre. All details mattered and were meticulously designed – it was probably borderline obsessive if I’m honest! It's much easier to make a large finca look good than to make the most out of a limited space. We had to pull out our whole bag of tricks.

What are the main successes?

We're pleased with the outcome achieved through the combination of different materials. We mostly used rugged travertine for the floors, walnut and dark oiled oak for the cabinets, and off-white eco-lime paint for the walls to make it pop. The bathroom was fully fitted with Mortex as a minimalist 'wet room'. A tanned leather sofa and the sheepskin rug add a soft touch to the scheme.

By adopting an unconventional spatial arrangement, we ensured that every corner of the project offers views of the Mediterranean, the beach, and the sunrise.

Can you list some brands you used?

We prefer to work with tried and tested quality partners. For the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, we used the Piet Boon series by Cocoon for the faucets, the shower, and the basin. The kitchen appliances were supplied by Smeg. For the lighting, we mainly used the Sofisticato series from Serax, complemented by some accent lighting from Buster & Punch, Lumina, and Audo CPH. For the sofa, we used one of our all-time favorites, Ligne Roset’s renowned Togo in tanned leather.

What did you enjoy most about the project?

We had a lot of fun designing and crafting it in close collaboration with the client. Fortunately, he has a keen eye for design, and he immediately understood where we wanted to go with the project. We had many coffee-laden Ibiza brainstorming sessions, geeking out over our minimalist design obsessions. We often shared a laugh about who exhibited the most OCD traits between us. Fun times for sure!